Photos taken by customers Nicole and Adam Karr of Nicole Karr Photography and Springhouse Woodshop of Benton, Pennsylvania

Grow Fresh Gourmet Oyster Mushrooms At Home

With proper care, you can yield the freshest mushrooms

and learn the basics of mycology

Watering Your Countertop Kit

In about 30 seconds, you can hydrate and increase the humidity around your kit to encourage mushrooms to fruit using water and a spray bottle. We recommend doing this a minimum of 5x a day- (for example: Upon waking, before leaving, upon returning, before dinner and before bed)

Slow-motion sauté of Oyster mushrooms

Sauté is French for “jump or bounce” and is a fun technique for cooking! 

Approximately 1Tbsp butter with 1/2 Lb oyster mushroom caps

Sprinkle with salt, add chopped garlic clove or any other creative yet simple variation 

More tips and recipe swapping in our free group:
Mushroom Recipes with Greenwood Farm
Beginners, experienced and experts welcome! 

Also, visit our Pinterest board: Recipes of Nourishing Fungi


While the edges are still turned down and they caps are over an inch wide, you can harvest the whole cluster. Learn how to twist the entire cluster off of the kit, and my favorite way to clip off the caps (with kitchen shears!) 

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