How much will it produce?

Each kit is sent out with the potential to grow approximately 3/4 of a pound, give or take, with each flush, and 2 flushes are possible. 

The care (especially humidity) the kit receives will determine the yield of harvest. 

Please read the instruction sheet carefully for all of the details.

Here's a link to a digital version

How do I water it?

The humidity around the kit is critical for fruiting. 

We recommend spraying it with water a minimum of 5 times a day; ie. upon rising, before leaving, on arrival, dinnertime and before bed). 

A spray bottle is great, or the kitchen sink spray nozzle. 

We have had customers describe 'dunking' or 'dipping' with success, but we must caution that the mycelium can drown. 

Keep the kit on a plate and allow the drips to pool and slowly evaporate- this will assist in increasing the humidity around the kit. 

The idea is to spray the outside of the bag to increase the humidity around the bag.

It is simulating a log in the forest with a seasonal weather pattern of rain showers. 

When do I harvest?

While the caps are still turned down (they turn up at the edge when they are ready to drop their spores), and the cap measures over 1 inch, you can harvest the entire cluster. There is a video on the "Greenwood Farm of Millville" YouTube channel demonstrating this (see YouTube icon below). 

It is more important to harvest when the mushrooms are at a good size, rather than wait until you are ready to use it. They store well in the refrigerator for a week, give or take 2 days. 

For recipe ideas, visit our Pinterest board: Recipes of Nourishing Fungi, or join our FaceBook group: Mushroom Recipes with Greenwood Farm. Cookbook soon to come (seeking publisher!)

What kind of mushroom is it?

Our Countertop Kit will grow Pleurotus ostreatus, an Oyster Mushroom.


Here is a link to the Wikipedia article


We use the blue oyster spawn because it thrives in cooler temperatures, is very versatile in cooking, and has a lovely texture. 

Are they good raw?


Cooking deactivates anti-nutrients, and unlocks the medicinal and nourishing properties.

Exposing the raw mushrooms to unfiltered sunlight for a minimum of 20 minutes will allow the mushrooms to produce Vitamin D2, that will not be altered with cooking.

We provide many recipes on our Pinterest board "Recipes of Nourishing Fungi" 

and in our FaceBook group Mushroom Recipes with Greenwood Farm. 

Stay tuned for news of  cooking classes, video demonstrations, and our highly requested cookbook! 

The kits can be shipped to anyone in the contiguous United States of America for $23 each.

PA sales tax is applied at checkout, if applicable.

Our virtual farmstand can be found through the Online Shop link at the top menu bar, or here.


Local pick-up from our market table or in Millville by arrangement is possible for $15. 

We will also be stocking local stores with our kits- stay tuned to the newsletter for announcements (Subscribe HERE). 

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