Greenwood Farm Market Vendors

1. Ross Family Farms is a “multi-generational diversified family farm focused on healthy and natural, high-quality grass fed dairy, meats and more.” They will be providing pasteurized milk and dairy products: “We do low temperature pasteurized. That allows us to do more than just plain milk and aged cheeses.”

They have a variety of pork products to bring as well!

2. EZ Acres Farm Fresh Produce & Stillwater Canning Company

They are ready to provide you with a wide variety of fantastic canned foods (see list below) and fresh vegetables. Local pepperheads take note: they cultivate over 60 varieties!!!

-Pickles – cucumber pickles in many

varieties and pickled beets, cauliflower,

Brussel sprouts, beans, radishes, cabbage


-Mustard dipping sauces

-Salsa in many varieties from mild to VERY


-Jams and Jellies – seasonal varieties using

local ingredients and unique flavor



They also provide suggested uses of their products, and would love to hear about your grandmother's old recipe for inspiration!

3. Under The Eaves Studio will be offering small batch stoneware pottery and home decor for a handcrafted life every Friday and Saturday at Greenwood Farm Market! These items are handmade in Nescopeck by a lovely artisan who is inspired by the sun ☀️

4. The Back 40 Farm will be present on Thursday’s and Friday’s to offer goat milk soap, lotion and chapstick made from their award-winning Alpine dairy goats.

All of their products are "chemical and dye free and made with therapeutic grade essential oils."

5. Country Clothesline Candle products specializes in soy wax candles. The wide variety is hand-poured in Benton, with loving kindness.

6. The Boof Biscuit Company will be present every market day to provide natural pet treats that are a tasty, wholesome and fun! Celebrate your pet’s milestones with a Special Occasion Boof Cake! 🍰

All of their products are baked fresh, with human-grade ingredients and no added salt, sugar or dyes.

🐶Fancy Dog Treats are offered in 3 sizes and flavors: Chicken, Beef or Bacon.

😺Cat treat varieties are salmon, tuna, liver.

🐴 Horse treats are your choice of apple or carrot flavors.

They will also offer homemade pet accessories.


7. Freas Farm Winery has developed from nearly a century of family farming in Berwick. They will be joining us with their marvelous selection of wine!

8. Rose Marie's Restaurant will offer Italian food with a continental flair “to-go”! Rose Marie's Dips, Gourmet Pasta, Soup, Baked Goods, Fresh Herbs and Produce (seasonally), and various Hot Foods. 😋

9. Miller Family Apiaries will offer *raw, *local and *unfiltered honey every day at the Greenwood Farm Market. The delicious varieties are made with the blossoms of elderberry, strawberry, apple, blueberry, wildflower, cold smoked wildflower, buckwheat and basswood flowers. 💛

10. Studio 316 ART believes that “Art is ageless.... and the Medias are endless” is the motto of Studio 316 ART, who will bring a variety of interesting products to the market on Saturdays.


Gourd art

Stained Glass

Scherenschnitte (intricate paper cutting)


Tie dyes

Much, much more!

11. Wolf Hollow Farm will provide fresh produce. Please remember to bring bags or baskets to the market to carry your weekly goodies home with you.

12. Fermented Delights and More will offer living sauerkraut, superfood kimchi, beet kvass, gingered carrot rounds, flavored water kefir and more!

Five delicious varieties of sauerkraut for every palate include:

1) Regular with dill and caraway

2) Deluxe garlic

3) Jalapeno garlic

4) Apple and caraway

5) Specialty Kvass Kraut

Water kefir is a great healthy food swap for soda drinkers! The flavors will vary monthly..... from berries to citrus to cranberries made with ginger for the "Fizz"!

13. Greenwood Farm- the organizers of this market, will be a vendor providing fresh mushrooms (cultivated gourmet and state-certified wild foraged).

14. Fresh flowers (both potted and bouquets) will be at the market every day from Dave's Flowers.

15. On Thursdays, Spring Hollow farm will present pork, beef, eggs and chicken.

From farm to table, locally raised!


16. Every market day, Good Juju Company Kombucha will offer bottles of fermented tea. (See list of flavors below.)

“We are a husband and wife partnership from the outskirts of Benton, PA. We pride ourselves on manufacturing the purest kombucha possible! From using only organic ingredients, brewing strictly in glass using laboratory tested spring water, to our UV protective bottles, we ensure a healthy kombucha SO PURE YOU CAN FEEL IT!”

Flavors include:

Blueberry Jalapeno

Cherry Lime

Elderberry-Ginger Spice

Ginger Berry

Concord Grape

Grape Beet


Lavender Strawberry

Pumpkin Spice Cider

Very Berry


17. Adipocere Soap will provide vegan, all natural hygiene products made with locally-sourced ingredients, for those with anachronistic sensibilities.


18. I.C. Yarn Wreaths will bring seasonal wreaths. She is a Spanish teacher that finds crafting relaxing and fun.


19. Pleasures of the Palate will offer German roasted nuts: "Traditionally made with almonds, we use the same old world Bavarian recipe and roasting process that has been used for generations in Germany and Austria. Our wonderfully delicious nuts are slowly roasted and glazed with care in a heated copper kettle which blends and melts sugar, cinnamon and vanilla to create a delicious gourmet delight."


20. Impressions by Lori will present creative pebble art.


21. Every market day, Susquehanna Mills will offer a selection of expeller pressed oils that are sourced from regional crops, including Canola, Sunflower, and Hempseed. They also offer full-spectrum hemp extract in a potent 40 mg/mL concentration (CBD oil), and a selection of other skin-care products that are made in partnership with local artisans and makers. Flours, grains and chips will also be available at their market table.


22. K. Schlegel Fruit Farm grows all of their produce using advanced IPM methods / Integrated Pest Management. "The orchard is looked at and treated as an ecosystem as opposed to the “one size fits all” method of controlling pest and diseases in conventional growing, usually by spraying. IPM takes into account the geography, climate, pests, and diseases that our farm specifically has to deal with and then looks at any available biological controls (beneficial insects), soil health, and nutritional support for our trees, enabling us to deal with pests and diseases in a way that is safe for everyone and everything in the orchard."

Products and Availability:

-Strawberries (late May - June)

-Sweet and Sour cherries (third week of June - second week of July)

-Apriums (mid-late June)

-Apricots (late June - late July)

-18 Varieties of Yellow and White Peaches (ranging from early July - third week of September)

-Yellow and White Nectarines (mid July - late August)

-Donut Peaches (early-mid August)

-10 Varieties of Plums (ranging from late July - mid September)

-Pluots (early - mid September)

-Non-GMO Sweet Corn (limited amounts throughout the summer)

-Grapes (September)

-Pears (late August - October)

-Over 30 Varieties of Apples beginning in late July and many available all winter long!

-Apple Cider (mid September - June)

-Apple Butter, Applesauce, Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, Jams year round!


23. Tiffany’s Trees and more creates the flowers in her products by custom dying and shaping the shaved stalk of the cassava plant (the root is what tapioca is made from). Look for her fascinating and long-lasting bouquets, doily hoops, wreaths, home decor, floral hair combs, flower crowns, wands, magnets, dream catchers, single stem flowers, wedding bouquets and art on Friday, April 5 from 2-6 and the first Saturday of every month starting in June!


24. Harper Bug Halos


25. Sweet Pea (Piper & Emelia Ltd.) will be at the market every 2nd Saturday of the month with homemade hygiene products.


26. Fair Trade Art with Anna


27. C and Ks Unique Creations


28. Townehill Homestead

29. Bettys Acres will provide goat milk, feta and farmstead chevre cheese, yogurt, and fudge made from the milk of her almost 200 dairy goats (mostly Toggenburgs and LaManchas) which are exhibited at many ADGA sanctioned goat shows including local, regional and national. Please keep spreading the word about the market and be sure to tell a neighbor- goat milk is rare in our area and it’s even more unusual to get to talk to the farmer.

30. Little Whale Cakery will be at the market with baked desserts.

31. ZARM farm

32. Hearts Desire Embroidery





We will also offer any vacancies to local non-profits as a way to learn about our community's needs and projects.

Every three months, we will display a new local artist or photographer on the back wall (near the community bulletin board). A small commission from the sale of this artwork will go to the market, so be sure to check it out and enjoy~*

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