Modern Applications of Mycology

Innovative mycological applications already exist, and will continue to expand in need.

What can we replace, repair, nourish and inspire with fungi?

This amazing list is simply the most common uses reported in the mainstream media.

We created a packet of information to help you learn the basics of Mycology. It's available in our Shop.



-Producing fresh and dried culinary mushrooms

-Countertop kits and log cultivation

-Inoculated agricultural fields can produce higher yields of crops and less pesticides

-Bioremediation with fungi to break the bonds of chemical pollution, rendering the land suitable for agriculture or/and restoring the ecosystem


-Using bacteria and chemistry to produce biofuels can be a side production to the normal 'waste' of mushroom cultivation.

-Batteries using the tissues of mushroom caps


-Growing textiles as an alternative to leather and cloth


-Adding a specially cultivated species' spores to concrete mixture enables the building to "self heal" as the fungus grows to fill cracks that allowed water, air and light to spur germination  

-A wide variety of structurally sound yet completely biodegradable packing materials

-Growing thick mushrooms into a frame as a long-term insulation panel

-Structurally sound bricks and joists in creative arrangements

-Growing furniture and other useful products (like game pieces, paper, kids toys and sculpture)


-Observing the fungal diseases migrating North with a warming climate

-Mushrooms may be preventative in cancers, dementia, tooth decay, and activating immunity and vitality, especially with the use of medicinal tinctures and teas.

Outer Space

-Buildings made of mycelium can be grown for colonizing other planets and moons

-Spores can survive space and may eventually prove panspermia

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