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Greenwood Farm has grown out of many years of planning and inspiration, where we learned to envision family and community health through a service way of life.

While we have had homestead projects throughout our marriage, such as chicken rearing and gardening, we had a primary business in construction for 8 years, called McKee's Construction. We offered green-building specialities, as well as modern techniques. During that time, we dreamed of a homestead that we could farm full-time for our primary income. We then established "Livin' Dreams Farm" as a 'side-hustle', while we figured out our niche markets and moved to our current location in Greenwood Township, Millville, Pennsylvania.

Mushrooms became and exciting primary endeavor, fulfilling all of our needs while providing inspiration and challenges. Dustan set up a lab and fruiting room in the garage, including tacking up plastic sheets onto the walls, and filling up our refrigerator with abundant harvests until we could sell 1-2 lbs regularly to local restaurants and markets. We had to educate many people about Oyster mushrooms, and continue to do so today.


There are blog entries from our first years here that describe more of the journey, and more information about mushrooms.


We also have free groups to join on FaceBook:  

Study Fungi with Greenwood Farm

Mushroom Recipes with Greenwood Farm

Garden and Forage with Greenwood Farm

Dustan and Carlyn McKee

What we Believe 


     Our mission is to create high-quality products in a way that is healthy for our beloved community and ecosystem. 

     Our vision for Greenwood Farm is to be a flexible company providing nourishment, which can easily be handed over to new owners someday.


     We donate 1% of our profits to our community, and plan to increase that percentage annually.

     We believe it is an honor to have a successful business, and our responsibility to give back to the community and ecosystem, both through time and money. We donate regularly to local humane societies, food banks, other charities and practice anonymous random acts of generosity.   



Beyond Organic 

  • Pesticide Free!                                              (not even organic pesticides!)

  • Permaculture Gardening 

  • Nourishing

  • Mycelial and Silvilculture Strategies 

  • Tithing our local and global community



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