FAQs re: Oyster Mushrooms

December 15, 2017

1) How many pounds of mushrooms will on of the Greenwood Farm kits provide?

----- We estimate about 3/4 of a pound, give or take, with each flush, and 2 flushes are possible.


2) What kind of mushroom is a Blue Oyster Mushroom?

----- Pleurotus ostreatus is an Oyster Mushroom; We use the blue oyster spawn because it thrives in cooler temperatures, is very versatile in cooking, and has a lovely texture. 


3) What's the shelf-life for them once they've been harvested?

----- A week, give or take a few days, in the refrigerator will be fine. We have a video on our YouTube channel demonstrating how to harvest them. 



4) Are they good raw?

----- No. Cooking deactivates anti-nutrients and unlocks the medicinal and nourishing properties. We provide many recipes in our FaceBook group "Mushroom Recipes with Greenwood Farm" and are drafting a cookbook. 


If you have a question not listed here, use the Quick Contact form at the bottom of every page on our website, contact us through any of our social media accounts (FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram) or send us an email- GreenwoodFarm570@gmail.com

Thank you! 


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