Our Article Written for Learning Tangent Magazine:

May 8, 2018


As we learn of the modern applications of mycology, we are astounded!

A homeschooling magazine editor, Gail Nelson, asked for an article about potential careers, especially since home education can be very cutting-edge and inspiration-led!


Click on the photo for more information about the magazine, and scroll down to read a snippet:



Mycology offers solutions and fulfillment as a career path in a variety of fields. The satisfaction of growing such a useful item, as well as the challenging science and demand for creativity through innovative applications within a career already exists and will continue to expand in need. Homeschooled children have a unique opportunity to excel in these fields because the training and education is very modern; you will not find much useful mycology in the old textbooks. These careers are more dynamic, asking rather: how can we replace, repair, nourish and inspire with fungi?


The most obvious mycological career is in agriculture. Producing fresh and dried culinary mushrooms is a great beginning, especially as more science proves their preventative and resilience-inducing qualities. Countertop kits and log cultivation are a fantastic ways to learn to grow your own fresh mushrooms, regardless of your space available or urban location. Additionally, applying mycology to inoculate agricultural fields can produce higher yields of crops and less pesticides. Outrageously important is the ability to perform bioremediation with fungi; areas of land polluted with harmful chemicals can have mushrooms grown on them and break the bonds of the chemicals, rendering the land suitable for agriculture or/and restoring the ecosystem.  


Using bacteria and chemistry to produce biofuels can be a side production to the normal 'waste' of mushroom cultivation. Interestingly, there is a promising investigation into the production of batteries using the tissues of portabella mushroom caps!


Growing textiles as an alternative to leather could drastically improve the factory-farm model of farming, which is now the pursuit of a handful of start-ups. It's fascinating to witness the display of products becoming more refined over time, from shoes to dresses to luggage!


To read the full article, visit Learning Tangent Magazine


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